Wholehearted Wellness

A Journey to Self Discovery

Intuitive Consulting with LaShonda

Personal and professional development goes hand and hand.

You, no matter what

Have you ever wondered what it would look like to be you no matter what role your planning in the moment. Mom, boss, wife, friend, daughter, etc. 

Accepted as you are

No veil, no façade; pure unadulterated you. That is exactly what will unfold as you discover what that feels like, looks like, tastes like and it is totally possible.

Freedom in being

The freedom of knowing and embodying you, YES… pause and think about that for a moment. 

Breathing in and out

Allowing the movement of your breath through all of your being and knowing.  That is exactly what I will help you get in touch with.

Hearing your intuition

By teaching you how to listen for your own intuitive voice, you learn how to let go of those limiting belief systems and emotional baggage.

Simple & effective

Powerful techniques, my intuitive gift, and BodyTalk™ training serve to unveil the true you while balancing your body and mind for whole body mind connection to a life of extraordinary transformation. 

The discovery of miracles is interlaced within your power to know grace for yourself.

Extraordinary transformation

Insightful, practical, & fulfilling group and individual programs. 

Who are these programs for?

This is for you if you:

  • Are tired of guessing at life.
  • Want to be fulfilled in what you do.
  • Are looking for a breakthrough from feeling like you’re in a black hole, feeling stuck.
  • Place yourself last.
  • Are stressed and somewhat confused on next steps.

How will they benefit you?

These programs will help you:

  • Have a clear view of where you would like to go in life.
  • Define what you love to do in life; Your souls journey.
  • Set and be clear on your intentions.
  • Learn who you are.
  • Clear blocks which are clouded by life’s daily grind.
  • Improve communication in your whole body and mind.
  • And so much more….

  • 6 Week program.
  • Life style up-leveling engagement
  • Includes:
    • 6 – 90 minute group sessions 
      • Including group energy session
    • Worksheets / online resources 
    • Specific Guided Intuitive Consulting & Clearing of blocks
    • Community of other souls seeking freedom and fulfillment
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1 on 1 Consulting
  • Personalized to fit your specific goal/concern.
  • 1 – 60 Minute Coaching Sessions $197.
    • 1 – 60 minute coaching and healing sessions
    • Life-time access to resources.
    • Pick 1 topic of interest and commit wholeheartedly with laser focus 
    • Intuitive Consulting w/ block clearing exercises
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Working with LaShonda

Bringing into awareness (attune, calibrate) and balance and Attune to personal truths, soul awareness, grounded in who you are. 

Feeling one’s feet in the present while knowing one’s truth in the spiritual, leading to passion driven enthusiasm (one’s contribution to the human experience).

Conscious of one’s existence from a place of rediscovery of the I AM presence, the soul’s journey. Growing past the veil (the alone in the car syndrome) to the naked and not ashamed freedoms. 

I am your intuitive listener and gifted with the ability to expand your awareness of your inner self while facilitating whole body and mind healing.

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