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A love for health

LaShonda Janae graduated with a BA in Chemistry and an MBA in Healthcare Administration. After training in Iridology, Zen Body Trigger point therapy, she specialized in the BodyTalk WholeHealthcare System.

She is an Advanced Certified BodyTalk practitioner who practices energy based healthcare for the last 15 Years. Holistic healing modalities became the conduit for helping others on their health journey after experiencing the work first hand. 

LaShonda is the mother of an amazing teenage daughter. She is a successful speaker and teacher advocating for the experience of freedom contemplated by the soul.

Extraordinarily Loving

Live life as you are intended to. I love coaching and guiding you to restore your health holistically and authentically on a spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical level.

Authentic Journey

Embark on your health journey with me–someone who has been there and can relate. My unexplained ill feelings turned out to be Lyme’s Disease and Rock Mountain Fever.

Whole & Complete

My own health journey inspired my actions to help others feel whole and complete. Healing from those and a plethora of stuffed emotions gives me a moral aim to assist you on your healing journey.

Be love. Freedom for all souls.

LaShonda in Depth

It is a pleasure to meet you!

I’m LaShonda Janae Brown, my heart and target is to motivate you as you evolve on your life journey, listen and bring inclusive insight to your personalized evolution and life story while facilitating holistic healing.

I’m LaShonda and I am Excited to serve you on your healing journey!  

The older I get the more fire I have to inform, motivate and cultivate holistic healing. My health journey began when I had a stomach full of bleeding ulcers, allergies and body pain. Being on medication for the rest of my life did not set well with me. I began to look for natural means of dealing with life little and big emergencies. I then began various training in the natural realm of medicine and fell in love with holistic healthcare. I began to feel good in my life and the type of freedom and love I feel for myself and others. That is exactly what I aim to assist with you and many others.

A bit more…

I am a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner from the International BodyTalk™ Association, Access Bars Facilitator and trained in other energy healing with various wellness tools.

During my personal healing journey, I have training in Zen Body Therapy, as well as Iridology. My learning continues with Advanced BodyTalk™ courses and natural healthcare workshops to deepen my work.

For Fun…

It’s hard to take off the helping people heal hat, however when I do, I enjoy spoken word, writing, and music. I enjoy speaking, connecting and comedy. I also enjoy watching my daughter develop her skills in poetry and seeking her life path. Discovering fun becomes more fun the more freedom I experience within.

Doing What I Love ~ My Aim in Life:

Soul Awareness! Soul Discovery ~ Soul Journey Catalyst! The secret sauce in realizing ones self comes with awareness of being the love of who you are.  I am that secret sauce, My aim is to help you become free from who you are not, and know with absolute certainty who you are. All while advocating holistic wellness through effective natural healing. To facilitate healing on spiritual, emotional, mental, vital and physical levels.

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