June 13, 2019

Coffee Conversations & Working Lunches

What are you creating at the coffee machine?

Coffee Conversations and Working Lunches

7:35am sharp the coffee break area for the morning Joe became a morning social event as the “hellos” and “good mornings” created a family feeling and a place to connect, reflect or even have an early morning fly by meeting of the minds.

Those 11:30am working lunches to pound out a project and create magic; leading to happy hour plans and relating to personal life problems and while admiring the best of another person.

Do I miss this? YES!

Working as a sole entrepreneur is the most freeing experience yet it has its interesting moments. Personal connection can lead to all types of inspiration and co-creation. You know that saying “you don’t miss something until it is no longer around.”

There are many statistics on what coffee conversation and close employee lunches may have created in people’s lives. Life changing events from new intimate work wife/husband relationships, lifelong best friends to promotion and business opportunities.

Have you intentionally thought about what a simple coffee conversation and working lunches is creating for you on a day to day basis as you exchange your energy with others?

This energy exchange is either adding to your life or causing a leak in your cup. The fact that blood pressure and all types of neurological relating is happening making a simple conversation with a fresh cup of Joe or a meeting to meet a deadline, a sacred union of energy affecting your physical health, mental and emotional health.

Think about that and what you are allowing in your BodyMind and energy field.

How do you know if it is truly a good cup of coffee or the best lunch sandwich is how you feel. Do you feel tired, irritated or energized and happy after those interactions?

with Love & Wellness,

LaShonda Janae

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