June 13, 2019

Captivity of Insecurities: A Journey of Projected Fears

The drive to work peaceful as the silence in the car, jamming to Indian Irie the “Truth” or a favorite audiobook for a better me or a better you. The 7:30am phone call to the significant other, “Hey, honey I made it”.” A Monday thru Friday enforcement of satisfy the perceived projection that something “bad” is going to happen in 20 minutes. Followed by the happen chance of a no phone call, now what … “all is well” accompanies an argument. One to be repeated again and again.

Can you relate? Is this you?

It may not be the “honey, I made it” call, it maybe the “honey, why you didn’t do…” or “Who you talking too?” or “Why are you looking at her/him.”

Insecurity kills dreams and hold other lovely souls in captivity to be free to express their true selves.

The suffering is quite subtle and destroys families, offering a place in the body, mind and spirit (BodyMind) dis-ease due to stressors by means of unhealthy attachments and expectations.

The plication of someone’s insecurity is not freedom for anyone involved. The central nervous system is affected which affects the energy a person puts out in the world. Freedom Vibes Only Please!

Are you being you when someone places their worries on you and expect for you to respond to help them feel better?

What are you afraid of when you place these insecurities on someone else?

Recognize the healthy aspects of personal connection and accountabilities and the toxic personal connections and accountabilities.

If you feel good in your body, mind and spirit and can consciously create a place of trust, unconditional love is now able to be true.

Bondage is not love!

You can tell when your physical and emotional stress have increased and you began to have dis-ease in the BodyMind.

What is possible if you stay true and in integrity with yourself?

Food for thought…

Blessings, LaShonda Janae

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