March 5, 2019

I Am Not My Last Name

Defining truth from the soul …

The aim is to bring awareness to all the unspoken expectations held in a last name. From family to marriage to re-marriage. What is in a last name, anyway? What makes it such a focus, when it’s so freely replaced for the sake of an institution – one that is temporary for many, at that. The separation confuses the entire union, even more so when there are children involved.

This got me thinking: Do I even like my maiden name anyway? What makes it a definition of who I am?

An astrological approach still has nothing to do with the last name, as it changes with the wind every time there is a change to its tangible means. That’s not truth! That is a wavering meaning of self, which is to satisfy the ego.

Family pride is expected, and the way of the perpetuated beliefs that come with it are non-negotiable.

Breaking free from the dogma of mediocre lies that carry a particular context and create a shaky form of self … no, I will not be defined by my last name! Nor does keeping another’s reveal an identity crisis.

I am that I am. I am me!

I choose not to have a last name, says my inner voice, a catalyst of truth. The rebel to only want to know and seek truth.

I had read something one day scrolling through Facebook: “Truth does not change.” The only thing I could think was, That is nothing. Everything changes and evolves, expect God. God is the only truth. The creator and all that is … God! This search for truth is God! The truth of God is in us. We are little gods.

The truth! What is truth?

Your soul essence. Your dharmic details even are not truth. They are the steps in what you are to create on this journey of soul discovery. It’s like living in a game of illusions where nothing matters but nothing. Then the road to truth is, discovering that to be in a state of complete surrender, there is nothing. All that is, is God, and God is all that is.

What is the race for success? Is it real? Astrologers should be rich, because everyone will search for their truth only to discover that The OM is the goal and Aum is to be embodied. Both of which are vibration to assist your inner knowing to recognize your high state of being and to desire to learn from it as it powers you to live from your soul essence, which again is an illusion – one which is the closest thing to your truth.

The Soul is the GOAL, is what I say. With the awareness that most will not understand nor care about what that means and why it’s important. It’s like watching zombies walking around.

From my Heart to Yours!

The definition of Your Soul Essence is your First Name, Middle Name and Last Name!

Be That!

I am That I Am!

LaShonda Janae

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