February 24, 2019

Nothingness is the New Somethingness

The growing number of stress related illnesses are due to over doing. The idea or belief that busy is “just how it is”, is killing people by the thousands. 
A slow emotional, mental, physical or spiritual death it’s all the same. Apart of you fades into the Abyss of busyness. 

The nervous system has a switch, it helps to switch on and off when you’re overly stimulated with stressors. Most peoples never switch off. This in fact affects the BodyMind ability to heal and function properly. In BodyTalk, we have a technique called “Switching” which switches it off and places the BodyMind at ease; into the parasympathetic mode. ? 

Learning to JUST BE is a thing. ?? It may feel weird at 1st. Your body might wanna pace the floor; the mind might want to think; you may even feel like something is missing. Well, choose to allow those “twitches” to go away. It will overtime. 

Giving yourself permission to do nothing, think nothing, etc… is peaceful and allows the BodyMind to achieve homeostasis. The BodyMind is constantly searching for homeostasis, so help it out and just be. 

Conscious Nothingness is the new Somethingness. Creativity increases, stress decreases, self awareness increases, immune system improves, and so much more. 

Remember feeling GOOD is the goal!


LaShonda Janae

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