February 9, 2019

Discover “Your” Purpose / Soul – The Noise in the Meantime

So much talk about discovering your purpose, live from your soul, do what you are here to do!

Do you feel like this is a fad? The new focus in self-development? A way of to get your money? What does all this mean anyway? Who cares?

The curiosity behind all your questions are valid. I will tell you there is a difference in discovering and knowing; Taking curiosity to true Freedom.

To know your soul essence is to feel who you are everywhere you go. This is possible! This is the unveiled truth of who you are. It may seem like a lot of work and something else to do. Yes and No! The journey can be completely accepted making the process feel like magic.

How do you start the process…

  1. You decide to listen with a readiness to hear. An open mind is what is required in soul awareness, discovery and acceptance that true purpose is known from this place.
  2. Trust the process. The souls journey is one of patience. Understanding this journey is embracing all layers of consciousness and bringing them into agreement with each other as limiting beliefs and attitudes fade away and more positive emotional states become an embodiment of your living truth.

These steps are as simple as you are ready to let go and evolve in your truth. Your soul is always here to guide you.

I invite you to began this process with pure unconditional love for yourself.

The noise of everyday life can get in the way of your freedom. I totally understand and putting the energy into researching who is real and who is fake….. What depth of discovery can someone guide you to… What tools, experience and credentials do they have.

I get it!

One way to expand your awareness of if something is right for you is to follow your intuition, do a simple muscle testing technique on yourself, meditate and pray for a clear answer.

Watch a YouTube video by Dr. David Hawkins for a simple testing technique. Learning to expand your intuition bring a certain amount of peace to what is good for you or not.

I understand the noise of life and how tired one can feel in wanting something different. It’s like looking at the glass empty and not knowing how to fill it, nor the energy to do it. I assure you just a little decision of saying yes to yourself will create a new world of peace for you. One yes at a time is all you need to silence the noise and live the life you use to dream of.

Lets rediscover your dreams and began to unveil whats holding you back. Take advantage of the complimentary resources in the resource section.

As part of the BodyTalk WholeHealthCare System, I hold space for your BodyMind to speak from its souls essence to guide your healing process on the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels. Specific soul journey sessions allow awareness’s to be made on a sub-conscious level which allows for true shift to take place in your consciously created life. The noise becomes less and clarity becomes sure.

Schedule a chat with me ….

with Love and Gratitude,

LaShonda Janae

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